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                      oil pumps
                      diesel oil pump|Explosion-proof gear pump|screw pump|gear pumps
                      KCG high temperature resistant gear pump
                      KCG type high temperature resistant gear pump Model: KCG Flow range: 1-58 cubic/hour Pressure: 0.1-2.5 MPA CAL: 20-100 - mm Structure: this series of high temperature gear pump structure and KCB gear pump structure is roughly the same, mai
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                      TCB type explosion-proof gear pump (copper gear)
                      Model: TCB Full name: explosion-proof gear pump Installation type: horizontal, import and export level Features: Copper gear pump, explosion-proof Structure: the pump can be KCB gear pump and YCB gear pump two kinds of pump made of copper
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                      <b>Travelling gear oil pump</b>
                      The pump model is YDS, mainly used in oil depot, factories and other refueling, unloading and other occasions, can be used as mobile oil pump, unloading oil pump, mobile gear pump to use, Structure: the pump has a complete set of gear oil
                      晩豚:2022-04-11 13:31:21         c:193
                      YHCB vehicle circular arc gear pump
                      The series of pump is arc gear pump, mainly used for loading and unloading oil tank car, installation and use are very convenient; The maximum flow can reach 300 cubic meters per hour. The small pressure flow is generally 0.6MPA, which can
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