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                      Gear Oil Pumps | Hot Oil Pumps
                      diesel oil transfer pump|Explosion-proof gear pump|Jacketed screw pump|KCB stainless steel gear pump
                      Company address: Botou Industrial Development Zone, Hebei Province

                      Company email: 13333170668@163.com

                      Company website: www.cqstbg.com

                      Zip code: 062150

                      Welcome to Botou Haina, thank you for your attention to our company!  
                      Our factory mainly produces the following series of pump products:  
                      One: oil pump category: KCB, 2CY, YCB three series SS304 SS316 SS316L stainless steel gear pump, gasoline pump, diesel pump, RY heat conduction oil pump, heat preservation gear oil pump, screw oil pump, etc.  
                      Two: gear pumps: KCB, 2CY, YCB three series of gear pumps, high viscosity gear pump, RCB insulation gear pump, FX external lubrication gear pump, NYP high viscosity pump, etc.  
                      Three: oil pump: CYB-T diesel oil pump, gear oil pump, high temperature oil pump, etc.  
                      More pump product information please consult my factory sales telephone, sales staff will give you a satisfactory answer. 

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                      Address: Industrial Development Zone, Hebei Province Tel:0317-8181816