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                      Fuel pump problem

                      Pumps are widely used in our daily life, but not everything is perfect and sometimes we will encounter some problems. These days, several agencies are investigating pump performance. As sustainability, reliability, stability and efficiency.
                      Researchers plan to further examine a small plane on a fuel pump that crashed near Portland International Jet Airport in Maine, killing two people.
                      A preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board noted this week that the yak-52 went toward a crash damaged by testing with fuel pump problems.
                      The report said there appeared to be corrosion in the bypass valve of the fuel pump and in the fuel inlet line. Jamming the bypass valve can cause engine fuel to starve.
                      Mark Haskell's pilot Brunswick received twice-yearly certification and took him on as a pilot instructor when the Soviet-trained plane crashed shortly after takeoff on June 17. The propeller does not turn, indicating that the engine is not.
                      Therefore, we should firmly fuel pump inspection at the time of production. You see, these pumps are used in heavy industry, so they should be made perfectly.
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