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                      Gear Oil Pumps | Hot Oil Pumps
                      diesel oil transfer pump|Explosion-proof gear pump|Jacketed screw pump|KCB stainless steel gear pump

                      About the preparation work of each department after section

                      After the holiday, the factory director will assign the following work:
                      The oil pump workshop must finish the high-viscosity gear pump ordered by Guangzhou on time and deliver the goods on schedule to May 1st without delay!
                      Two: please do not throw away the waste, to the relevant departments, warehouse recycling!
                      Three: the procurement department must pay close attention to the delivery time of casting, so that the production can work normally
                      Four: 50 cubic high temperature oil pump 10 to be completed as soon as possible, do the experiment must be serious!
                      I hope you will actively cooperate!
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