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                      Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice

                      Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice
                      Attention of all departments: The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, our company will make the following adjustment to the holiday arrangement of all departments:
                      I: Oil pump processing workshop and assembly workshop, holiday date: September 10-12, 2011 (Saturday to Monday), 13 normal work.
                      Two: because my company screw pump task is more tense, so the stainless steel pump processing and assembly workshop staff rest Sunday one day, the other two days after the holiday and then adjust.
                      Iii. Assembly personnel and finished product experimenters in the oil pump workshop will have a rest on October 10 and 11. The rest of the staff will work on time and do their work well.
                      Botou Haina Oil Pump Co., LTD
                      September 8, 2011
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