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                      oil pumps
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                      350 degrees high temperature hot oil pump
                      This high temperature hot oil pump is specially made for the transport of hot oil, high temperature resistance up to 350≧, flow rate in 1-300 cubic/hour, can be used as thermal oil circulation pump and hot oil pump; The pump can be equipp
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                      BWG thermal insulation oil pump
                      Model: BWG Name: Thermal insulation oil pump General name: Thermal insulation oil pump Flow range: 0.5-60 cubic/hour Pressure range: 0.1-1.0mpa Overview: Heat preservation oil pump can be used to transport asphalt, detergent and other soli
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                      Hot oil gear pump
                      Model: KCG Hot oil gear pump is mainly composed of gear, pump body, pump cover, high temperature seal and other components, similar to YCB gear pump, temperature range between 10-280 degrees, can be used to transport thermal oil, is a chea
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