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                      Gear Oil Pumps | Hot Oil Pumps
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                      11 points for attention when using high temperature oil pump

                      Note the following:
                      1, high temperature oil pump transmission shaft and prime mover output shaft installation using elastic coupling, its coaxiality deviation should be less than 10. LMM; If the shaft sleeve type coupling coaxiality deviation should be less than 0. 05mm,
                      2. The driving device should ensure that the force of the driving shaft of the pump is within the allowable range.
                      3, the pump oil suction height shall not be greater than 5mm,
                      4, in the pump oil suction port commonly used mesh filter, the filter accuracy should be (0.04mm, set in the system oil return path of the filter, its accuracy is the best (0.002mm,
                      5, the working oil should be selected in strict accordance with the provisions, usually with a kinematic viscosity of (25"33) mm/s, the working temperature normal (-20-80)≧.
                      6, the direction of rotation of the pump can not be mistaken, that is, the inlet and outlet position of the pump can not be wrong.
                      7, when disassembling and assembling the pump, it must be carried out strictly in accordance with the factory instructions.
                      8, to tighten the pump inlet and outlet joint screw, sealing device to be reliable, so as not to cause suction and oil leakage, affect the performance of the pump.
                      9, should avoid the pump with load start and load stop.
                      10, before starting, it is necessary to check whether the relief valve (safety valve) in the system is on the adjusted allowable pressure.
                      11, for the new pump or the hydraulic pump after maintenance should be empty load operation and short time over load operation before work. Then check the working condition of the pump, do not allow leakage, impact, excessive heat and noise, etc.
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