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                      High temperature gear oil pump three common maintenance step

                      High temperature gear oil pump drive shaft and bushing wear, its fit gap increases, will affect the pump oil volume.
                      A: the repair of the working plane: if the pump cover working plane wear is small, manual grinding method can be used to eliminate wear marks, that is, on the platform or thick glass plate put a little valve sand, and then the pump cover on the grinding, until the wear marks eliminate, smooth working surface. When the pump cover working plane wear depth is more than 0.1 mm, should take the first turning after grinding method of repair.
                      Two, high temperature gear pump shell cavity repair: insulation gear pump shell cavity wear, generally take the inner cavity set method repair, that is, the inner cavity is lined with cast iron or steel bushing. If the drive shaft and bushing wear seriously and with the gap seriously exceeds the standard, not only to replace the bushing, and the drive shaft is also used chrome plating or vibration surfacing method to increase its diameter, and then grinding to the standard size, restore and bushing requirements. Weld shall be tight and pores, and the flatness error of the joint surface of the insulation gear pump cover shall not be greater than 0.05mm.
                      . After the piston seat is worn, a little valve sand can be added to grind until it is close. In this case, the method of repairing the driving shaft or bushing can be used to restore its normal fit clearance. When the ball seat is worn, place a steel ball on the seat and gently knock the ball with a metal rod until the ball valve fits the seat. If the drive shaft wear is slight, only need to press out the old bushing and replace the standard size bushing, fit clearance can be restored to the allowable range. The worn marks of the driven shaft hole are eliminated by the hinged method, and then the driven shaft is prepared according to the actual size of the hinged hole. Shell cracks can be repaired by casting 508 nickel-copper electrode. Three, active bushing hole and driven shaft hole wear repair: after the active bushing hole wear, can be hinged method to eliminate wear traces, and then matched with increased to the corresponding size of the bushing. After the set, the inner cavity will be lined; Valve seat repair: pressure limiting valve ball valve and plunger valve two kinds. If seat wear is serious, can be first hinged to remove wear marks, and then use the method to make it close.
                      Three, repair of high-temperature gear oil pump cover
                      High temperature gear oil pump in the use of some use failure, hope that users in the use of strict attention, the need for normal maintenance and maintenance in daily use, to ensure that can produce an important role and value in use, can play an important performance and value in the industry.
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