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                      Material, principle and application of self-priming oil pump

                      1. Self-priming oil pump material: reinforced polypropylene, steel lining, F46, PVDF, cast steel, stainless steel, 304, 316, 316L, 904L (UB6), and duplex stainless steel.
                      Two: vertical self-priming centrifugal oil pump principle and application: the principle of self-priming pump adopts unique patent impeller and separation plate to force gas-liquid separation and complete the suction process. Its shape, size, weight and efficiency are similar to those of pipeline pumps. Vertical self-priming pump does not need bottom valve, ball valve, gas separator and other auxiliary equipment. Normal production starts without filling liquid, with strong self-priming ability, can replace the currently widely used liquid pump (low liquid conveying pump), can be used as separator and other auxiliary equipment. Normal production starts without filling liquid, with strong self-priming capacity, can replace the currently widely used liquid pump (low liquid transfer pump), can be used as a cycle pump, tank truck transfer pump, since the suction channel pump, mobile pump and other purposes.
                      Three: save investment: because the liquid pump maintenance is frequent, generally a pool (tank) need to set up two pumps, a pump for maintenance standby, huge investment, large amount of maintenance. The self-priming pump can realize multiple pools (tank) series, parallel sharing a pump, save investment. Self-priming pump can be used for gas, liquid intermittent operation, not afraid of pumping, can leave out some intermediate equipment in the process, such as high slot or low slot, greatly simplify the process, for you in fact save money.
                      1, the pump as a whole for the vertical structure, compared with the same parameters of the liquid pump, weight greatly reduced, while occupying less space. Because the shaft is installed vertically, the shaft seal is not easy to leak.
                      2, self-priming pump cancelled the long shaft, but also cancelled the bearing problem, so that the maintenance period is greatly prolonged, but also reduce the vibration.
                      3. Departments that may be damaged and need maintenance are all on the ground, which brings great convenience to maintenance. The pump inlet is only a hollow pipe, no need for a bottom valve. If the entrance is blocked by garbage, the hollow pipe can be pulled out to clean, and the liquid pump is required to lift the whole pump to clean up.
                      4, the liquid pump in the purchase of the pumping depth, if the liquid depth and pump shaft length does not match, it is necessary to replace the pump, and the vertical self-priming pump as long as equipped with different lengths of hollow pipe, you can pump different depths without replacing itself.
                      5, empty pump operation can still maintain a long time, in order to detect and take measures to prevent damage to the motor, reduce the loss caused by misoperation, good safety.
                      6, liquid pump must be installed above the liquid. The self-priming pump can be installed on the top, can also be installed on the side, even can be used to vacuum hose suction straight pipe can not reach the liquid, mobility is very strong.
                      In short, the liquid pump solves the problem of low delivery, but it also brings a lot of trouble in use.
                      Mainly self-priming pump inlet piping does not need to install the bottom valve after the first filling of water diversion can suck up the water, later don't need to add water diversion, the pump body is bigger than centrifugal pump with a lot of their own water storage function, has the function of a water diversion life-long self-priming centrifugal pump is have the effect of pressure, liquid level must be higher than the pump to liu to come in to the pump body to start, If at the inlet pipe in the low level than the centrifugal pump suction installation bottom valve inside the pump and the pipe filled with liquid can achieve self-priming function, or the import installation guide tank, such as pump centrifugal pump don't work for a long time, in his second start import pipeline and the inside of the pump body is basically did not have the water, and irrigation water diversion, once again more trouble on the operation, Because the sealing effect of the inlet bottom valve of the centrifugal pump that is not used for a long time cannot be completely sealed, the liquid will slowly leak back to the pool, so the effect of the self-priming pump is better than that of the centrifugal pump in the case of self-priming function.
                      Self-priming oil pump adopts the pump body structure of axial return liquid. Centrifugal pump body by suction chamber, the liquid storage chamber, coil vortex chamber, the liquid hole, and other components of the gas-liquid separation chamber, start centrifugal pumps, the impeller of the suction chamber in the liquid and the suction tube with air suction, and can completely mixed within the impeller, in under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid entrainment the gas to the vortex flow volume outside edge, On the outer edge of the impeller, a certain thickness of white foam band and high-speed liquid ring are formed. The gas-liquid mixture enters the gas separation chamber through a diffusion tube. At this point, due to the sudden decrease in flow rate, the lighter gas is separated from the mixture and the gas continues to rise and discharge through the pump body outlet. The degassed liquid returns to the liquid storage chamber, and enters the impeller again through the return hole, and remixes with the gas inhaled from the suction pipe inside the impeller, and flows to the outer edge of the impeller under the action of the high-speed rotating impeller... . As this process goes round and round, the air in the suction pipe is constantly reduced until the air is sucked out, the self-priming oil pump will complete the self-priming process, and the centrifugal pump will be put into normal operation. Because of the unique exhaust capability of the centrifugal pump, the self-priming pump can transport liquid containing gas without the need to install a bottom valve and has a good cabin sweeping function when used on cruise ships.
                      A cooling chamber is arranged at the bottom of the bearing body of some centrifugal explosion-proof oil pumps. When the bearing temperature rises more than 70≧ due to bearing fever, the cooling chamber can be filled with a coolant pipe joint, such as coolant circulation cooling. The sealing mechanism inside the centrifugal pump to prevent liquid leakage from the high pressure area to the low pressure area is the front and rear sealing ring, the front sealing ring is installed on the pump body, the rear sealing ring is installed on the bearing body, when the pump after long-term operation of the sealing ring wear to a certain extent, and affect the pump efficiency and self-priming performance, should be replaced.
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