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                      How to distinguish gear oil pump from high temperature oil p

                      Choose different oil pumps according to different media, first of all to know the difference between high temperature oil pump and gear oil pump! The correct matching has been achieved and the service life of oil pump has been prolonged. For example, the medium is liquid form, temperature is not higher than 80≧ -120≧ below, viscosity is not higher than 1500CST similar to lubricating oil liquid. And the pipeline is too long or elbow, similar to this case must choose gear oil pump, because the gear oil pump in the manufacturing process design selection of material processing forms and accessories can meet the deficiency under high pressure, and the gap between the main gear and the gear is small, compact structure, has reached the pressurization effect. High pressure is when the medium is at normal temperature and it's liquid and it needs to be pressurized to do its job,
                      Heat pump
                      Medium temperature is high and above 150≧ -250≧ below, material material should be in addition to steel has super high temperature resistance is not easy to deformation, its wear resistance is good. The surface hardness of main gear and gear must be above HRC60. In the manufacturing process, the clearance between the main gear and the gear should be increased by 0.05 or so than the high-pressure gear oil pump to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of explosion and death under high temperature operation.
                      The difference between the two is mainly with pressure, temperature, and whether there are impurities,
                      The former gear oil pump has high pressure, long service life, the maximum pressure can hit 25 kg. But the disadvantage is low temperature, the medium can not have impurities.
                      The latter high temperature oil pump can play high temperature medium, and can play with impurities, but the disadvantage of the pressure is lower than the former pressure can play up to 16 kg
                      So the user must pay attention to these items in the selection, first make clear what kind of pump they should use high pressure or high temperature, so that you can avoid unnecessary losses, and choose the right line is an important link for the service life!
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