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                      What pump is used to transport gasoline and diesel?

                      Gasoline is a kind of flammable and explosive medium, and the sticky bottom is low, it is very important to choose a suitable gasoline explosion-proof oil pump, Botou Haina Oil Pump Co., Ltd. specially for the transportation of gasoline, diesel oil and other oil products made a special explosion-proof and has excellent self-priming ability of a oil pump, model: CYB-T. The pump has a minimum flow rate of 0.5 cubic meters per hour and a maximum flow rate of 280 cubic meters per hour. It is characterized by smooth operation and high efficiency. Safe and reliable to use, it is your first choice to transport gasoline, diesel, benzene and other flammable media.
                      Advantages and disadvantages: CYB-T gasoline and diesel pump cost is higher than gear pump, centrifugal pump, three screw pump. Mechanical seal, no leakage, simple components and easy disassembly and maintenance; Using horizontal installation and motor direct connection, such as working place without power supply, our factory can also produce gasoline engine or diesel engine driven oil pump, so that even in the case of no power supply can also be used.
                      Scope of use:
                      Flow rate: 0.5-280 cubic meters/hour
                      Head: between 10-250 meters
                      Caliber: 25-40-50-80-100-150-200mm these kinds
                      Picture of diesel pump:




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