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                      Gear Oil Pumps | Hot Oil Pumps
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                      Start gear pump correctly

                      It is very important to start the gear oil pump correctly, otherwise it will damage the pump. The following is some common sense before starting, please pay attention to it:
                      I. Preparation before starting:
                      1. Test whether the motor is turning correctly (with the direction indicated on the pump body), and the test time should be short to avoid dry wear damage to the grinding parts due to no liquid lubrication caused by the internal rotation of the pump;
                      2. Open the exhaust valve to fill the whole pump body with liquid, and close the exhaust valve when it is full;
                      3. Check whether all parts are normal;
                      4. The high temperature type should be preheated at a rate of 50≧/ hour to ensure that all parts are heated evenly.
                      Two, starting:
                      1. Close the pump outlet valve;
                      2. Fully open pump inlet valve;
                      3. Start the motor and observe whether the pump runs normally;
                      4. Adjust the opening of the outlet valve to the required working conditions, such as the user at the pump outlet equipped with flow meter or pressure gauge, should be adjusted by adjusting the opening of the outlet valve pump at the rated point listed in the performance parameters table operation, such as the user at the pump outlet without flow meter or pressure gauge, should be adjusted by adjusting the opening of the outlet valve; Measure the motor current of the pump, so that the motor runs in the rated current, otherwise it will cause the overload operation of the pump (namely, the large current operation, to make the motor burn out) and adjust the outlet valve to open large and small and pipeline conditions;
                      5. Check the leakage of shaft seal, normally the leakage of mechanical seal should be less than 3 drops/min;
                      6. Check the motor, bearing temperature rise ≤80≧.
                      Three, shutdown:
                      1. Close the outlet pipe valve.
                      2. Cut off the power supply.
                      3. Close the inlet pipe valve. Submersible pump
                      4. If the pump is stopped for a long time, the liquid in the pump should be drained
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