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                      Precautions when using gear oil pump for the first time

                      What should you pay attention to when you buy a gear pump and plan to use it? Below briefly say a few points for your reference:
                      A: If you buy the oil pump machine, the first point is to check whether the bolts are tight. If they are loose, they will be dangerous in use, so they must be checked. When installing pipelines, the import and export dust cover of the pump must be removed (some customers did not notice when using it will not suck oil) or it will cause serious damage to the pump; Fill some conveying materials at the inlet of the pump, and then install the pipeline; Then it's ready to run.
                      Two: if you buy a hot oil pump then also want to make a few points mentioned in the first, and then to do is to turn the motor and pump coupling is smooth, if not smooth to adjust the concentricity and so on; Hot oil pump in the process of use must pay attention to safety, so each pump is set up in the coupling part of the protective cover, according to the oil temperature to choose different high temperature gear pump is very important, details contact our sales phone.
                      Three: stainless steel gear pump price is more expensive, use must care about some, the inlet is best to install a special filter, in order to prevent the pump into debris and wear gear and pump body, if the pump body and gear wear will have to replace the new pump.
                      For the first time when using gear oil pump precautions will roughly say these points, there are also need to pay attention to the place we will mention in the future.
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