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                      High temperature gear oil pump performance

                      High temperature gear oil pump model is generally KCG type, where G stands for high temperature. When the temperature is high, the ordinary cast iron gear pump can not be used. Because the gap of gear oil pump will become smaller and smaller with the increase of temperature, when it is less than a minimum value, it will stop rotating, so the choice of pump must choose the right and correct. KCG type high temperature gear oil pump is made of cast steel material, the gap is large, has strong high temperature resistance performance, the temperature can reach 300 degrees, the pump is mainly composed of gear, shaft, pump body pump cover, shaft end seal and other parts, all parts are made of suitable temperature resistant materials; Pump running parts are using its transmission medium lubrication.
                      KCG pump is equipped with a safety valve to prevent overload damage to the pump and motor; Model 2CG without safety valve, can be selected according to customer requirements. Another is that if the temperature exceeds 300 degrees, it is best to choose the heat conduction oil pump produced by our factory to use. This pump has better high temperature resistance, and is widely used in heat conduction oil circulation, media heating and other occasions. With heat preservation gear pump can also be used to transport asphalt, paraffin and other media.
                      More information about high temperature gear oil pump please visit: http://www.cqstbg.com/clybeng/kcggwclyb.html
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