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                      oil pumps
                      diesel oil pump|Explosion-proof gear pump|screw pump|gear pumps
                      QYB gasoline transfer pump
                      Model: QYB Flow rate: 0.5-300 cubic meters/hour Head: 10-100 meters Overview: our companys gasoline pump is gasoline delivery pump, is used to transport gasoline, the biggest characteristic of the pump is good explosion-proof performance,
                      晩豚:2022-04-11 13:01:01         c:389
                      Oil suction pump
                      Model: CYZ-A Flow range: 3-280 cubic/hour Head range: 10-100 meters Form: electric Overview: Pumping oil pump can be pumped from 6.5 meters below the horizontal level of the medium, medium viscosity should be relatively low, if pumping gas
                      晩豚:2022-04-11 12:59:53         c:156
                      Diesel pump
                      Model: CYB-T (electric) CYB-G (high pressure) Flow rate: 0.5-300 cubic meters/hour Pressure: 0.1 5 mpa Overview: diesel pump is our main product, the pump is suitable for conveying no solid particles and fiber of diesel, with large flow, h
                      晩豚:2022-04-11 12:58:21         c:222
                      Epoxide resin pump
                      Epoxy resin pump is mainly used for conveying epoxy resin. The pump is characterized by low revolution, smooth operation and long service life. The pump body is provided with a heat preservation device to heat and transport the resin in th
                      晩豚:2022-04-11 12:57:24         c:371
                      Slag pump
                      Overview: this pump is a special pump for conveying residuum, model: ZYB type, ZYB slag oil pump gear and pump body made of special materials, with wear resistance and high temperature performance, service life than KCB gear pump life 3-8
                      晩豚:2022-04-11 12:56:03         c:340
                      Ignition pump,DHB ignition pump
                      Overview: ignition pump is widely used in boiler burner ignition, diesel ignition; Diesel ignition pump pressure up to 4MPA, flow range from 0.6-10 cubic/hour. DHB ignition pump/ignition pump is suitable for boiler combustion, mixing aspha
                      晩豚:2022-04-11 12:55:06         c:398
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